Introducing the
For more than 100 years, we have supported the safety profession. Today’s safety professionals—and the profession—continue to evolve in more diverse and advanced ways than ever before.

Evolving Our Story

To continue to provide a level of service that meets the unique needs of this evolving profession, we knew we needed to evolve alongside you. So we conducted a yearlong research study with ASSE members to ensure that we continue to reflect you.

The logo and name change are representative of ASSE moving forward and will help communicate what my organization is to other professionals. I’m really excited about this evolution and it’s indicative of the direction my society is going.
Mark Ahner, CSP
Health & Safety Risk Engineer
From day one, we've worked hard
to make a safer workplace.

We Listened To You

We knew your feedback would be crucial to shaping our new direction. So we conducted both quantitative and qualitative research to get the full story.

We assessed members' attitudes toward ASSE, uncovering these challenges:
  • Lack of brand consistency
  • Lack of one global brand
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining young professionals
  • The need to increase awareness and recognition beyond members to industry leaders and business
  • The desire to deepen relationships with current members
Using your feedback, we embarked on freshening our brand identity
  • Evolving our name—making it more inclusive, since only 3% of current members hold a Professional Engineer (P.E.) credential; deepening our relationship with current members; and expanding beyond membership
  • Evolving our logo—creating one global brand to speak to all members
  • Creating a tagline—capturing our brand essence and resonating with members and future members
Overall, the research was viewed as a signal of our dedication to moving forward with a clear vision as well as of our understanding of the need to be relevant to future OSH professionals.
Thomas F. Cecich, CSP, CIH
ASSE President
This makes me excited to be a member and will better communicate to others what my society is.
Justin Bielss
Aviation Safety Officer

Our Promise

Who are we?

ASSP is a global association for occupational safety and health professionals.

What do we do?

We provide education, standards development, advocacy and a professional community to support the advancement of our members and the profession as a whole.

Why does it matter?

Our members are dedicated to creating safe work environments by preventing workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses. Sound safety practices are both socially responsible and good business, leading to increased productivity, a better reputation and higher employee satisfaction.

  • For more than 100 years, ASSP has been at the forefront of helping occupational safety and health professionals protect people and property, while improving business outcomes.
  • ASSP is where occupational safety and health professionals find a vibrant community—one that helps them grow professionally through education and networking, and advocates for the profession.
  • ASSP is the preferred source for education among safety professionals, providing valuable training, networking, knowledge, skills and continuing education.
  • ASSP strives to uphold and elevate the value of the occupational safety and health profession through innovation, thought leadership and objective, unbiased, science-based approaches to safety and health practices.
The name, the brand evolution and logo are spot on.
Tom Heebner, CSP, ARM
Sr. Vice President, Risk Services
Workplace safety is constantly evolving.
So are we.

New Look And Name

In updating our brand, we asked members and other key stakeholders for their input. Here's how you responded:

  • Of six new names presented, the American Society of Safety Professionals was preferred.
  • Global members felt the word “American” is relevant to the quality of safety.
  • “Working together for a safer, stronger future” was unanimously approved as the tagline.
  • Members felt a positive connection to the shield and the color green. The new design is bold and reflects our heritage.
  • The new name and the new logo were preferred, with non-members being particularly responsive.
When I saw the current logo and the new one side by side, wow the new one is clearly more reflective of who we are.
Ricky Sanders, CSP
Sr. Risk Control Consultant

Brand Elements

Here are some aspects of our new name and logo in action.


Any major change, however exciting, is sure to raise a few questions. Here, we've answered some of your questions. If you have more questions after reading this section, please feel free to contact us.

While we enjoy a long history and member base of 37,000 and growing, we are facing several challenges. First, the master brand is lacking in global relevance, which drove the creation of a separate global logo. We would like to unify under one global brand. The Society also wants to increase its awareness and recognition beyond members to industry leaders
and businesses to spread the message about the value of occupational safety and health. And finally, we would like to deepen our relationship with current members as well as attracting and retaining younger professionals. We believe these changes will make our brand stronger and more relevant to current and future members, partners, industry leaders and employers.
The occupational safety and health profession has evolved since our founding. When we began, engineers made up our entire membership. Today, the occupational safety and health profession encompasses many disciplines, and only 3 percent of our members hold the P.E. license. The word “professionals” is a more inclusive term that better reflects the diverse makeup of our membership.
The rebrand will start rolling out in the first quarter of 2018 with a refreshed website. You will then see it in email templates, presentations, our brochures and our journal, Professional Safety.
Not directly. As with all organizations, we continually evolve to keep pace with challenges and advancements in our profession. What will never change is our ongoing commitment to the advancement of our members and the occupational safety and health profession as a whole.

Our proposed new logo consists of two components: the ASSP mark (i.e., the shield graphic) and the ASSP logotype (i.e., the words American Society of Safety Professionals). These two elements will always be displayed together, as shown below:

At times, the master logo will also appear with the new tagline, as shown below:

One other alternative is referred to as a vertical lockup:

The proposed master logo presents a consistent image that reinforces the professional expertise our members bring to creating safe work environments. Its consistent use will make it instantly recognizable.


What's Next

The House of Delegates voted on the proposed logo and name change on June 19. The delegates approved changing the organization’s name to American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), but the proposed logo was not approved. Instead, the delegates voted to maintain the Society’s traditional shield logo, changing the “E” to a “P.” This logo change is contingent on members ratifying the HOD vote to change the organization’s name.

Please check your email for your electronic ballot, which will remain open until August 13.

Contact Us

For any background, process or next steps questions please contact the Brand Feedback team below.